What’s in your hands?

What’s in your hands?

This person talks about the importance of knowing what you have and what you can do with that. I don’t really care if this person if a pastor or a simple man, atheist or having the strongest faith. The important thing that he promoted during this talk is ‘knowing what you are’. And this is important considering how little people uses their talents.

Enjoy watching it xx


‘Thank you for everything I have’ – How to be grateful!

This is an exceptionally great video by David Steindl-Rast called ‘Want to be happy? Be grateful’ and it comes as an extension of my last post. Here he outlines another way of saying thank you every day – seizing opportunities and being grateful. Or simply STOP, LOOK and GO! Great one and really worth watching! Thanks to moldsolutions for the tip 🙂

Happy people are successful people – Enjoy Your Life Series Part 2

Happiness…what a great feeling. It makes us more determined, more passionate and creative. It makes us smile and emanate positive energy all around us. But how do you become happy?

Happiness is a different feeling from one person to another. One might feel happy when the family is around, another when their partner leaves and others when traveling. However, even though it’s different, most of the times it comes as a results some habits.

So, let’s learn from the habits of Happy & Successful people….

1. They always see the bright side of the story

Has anyone asked you: How is this glass? Did you said the glass is half empty?…man,  you’re not that optimist. Practice being optimist and say it out loud. Continuously look out for opportunities. Lost you’re phone? It was anyway old, you’ll get a new one. Lost your job? A door closed it also means a new door opened. Broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Learn from the experience and start a new life.

2. They surround themselves with other happy and successful people

Friends, family, colleagues or people you’ve met for the first time. Don’t stick around people who continuously criticise what you do, envy you or they continuously complain about life. In business it’s very important you get well with your partners. Then why should you stick with people who can’t be there for you when needed? Network, talk with open-minded people, learn, share experiences and most importantly enjoy your time.

3. They live the moment and they are good observers

Stop. What do you see around you? Are you able to pay attention to small details? I have a very good friend who’s very well known for her knowledge of what people likes. She can simply tell you small details such as at what particular time something happened. Listen to what people like and don’t like and analyse their goals and skills. Continuously observe around you: people, places, weather, objects, colours, nature, health, etc

4. They know when to say thank you. ‘NO’ is no, and ‘YES’ is yes

Show gratitude, be compassionate, say thank you to people who helped you, help someone back and be committed to what you do. When you say yes, it should stay yes. And when you say no, it should be no. Don’t be unpredictable unless you have to. People won’t trust someone who can’t do what he/she said it will do.

5. They are good listener and they have a good intuition 

A good friend always knows how to listen and how to make you smile. A good employee won’t play Words With Friends meanwhile the superior talks. And a good entrepreneur won’t dream when his/her employees talk. A lucky person always follows the intuition. Therefore, practice active listening. And listen to your intuition.

6. They have a healthy brain in a healthy body

If you eat properly, exercise 3 times a day and think positive, you’ll put more energy in your activities and your body will thank you. Have you observed that successful people always look good, they feel good and they always have the time and energy for the important things?

7. They follow their passions, do the job they love

If you would have the opportunity to work wherever you’d like to, where would you work? And why? I put that question to myself not long ago and this is how I found the fact that I love advertising and media, basically all about marketing. So I prioritised my activities and I now concentrate on my dreams. I keep encouraging my friends to follow they passions. So, don’t waste time with jobs you don’t like, with activities that doesn’t benefit you. Chase your dreams.

8. They usually forgive and move forward very fast

Keeping hatred inside makes you act mean and loose focus. If you had a disappointment the best thing to do is to learn very fast from all that experience and move forward as faster as you’re learning. Don’t waste time with unpleasant activities that consumes your time and energy. Focus that energy and time on your goals.

9. They are people who fails but who always learns and gets up

We need be like a ball sometimes – each time we hit the ground we should bounce back up. And the harder we fall the higher we will bounce. Successful people knows that failure is a way of learning. Fail 9 times and get up 10 times.

10. Practice, Practice, Practice

A teacher needs approximately 5,000 hours of practice to become good, 7,500 hours to become very good and 10,000 hours to be excellent. No one is born smart. We all learn from mistakes, experiences, lessons from others, by observing, by failure and by practicing. So keep doing it again and again. Practice 🙂

This is part 2 of Enjoy Your Life series. Next ones: Emotional Intelligence and Motivation.

Don’t forget to post your comments below and get in touch with me if you have any questions or if there is anything you’d like me to write about.



8 Solutions to your everyday problems – Enjoy Your Life Series Part 1

Anyone looking for solutions to their daily life problems? If YES then here is how to react to them:

1. Keep your calm in any situation

The first thing to do is to be calm whenever you encounter something difficult. Emotional intelligence is a very important aspect of all of us, and sometimes this is what makes some people smarter than the others. So control your emotions at all times or learn how to do it.

2. Think Positive. Be optimist. Get rid of the Negativists Syndrome

If you keep telling yourself that you’re not good enough and you always think negative – then I AM TELLING YOU that what you fear the most it’s going to happen. Your perception about yourself and the things around you directly affects you. So start thinking positive, don’t use negative words when talking and imagine yourself as already being a champion. Practice it and, believe me!, you will see the results for yourself 🙂

3. Think before you talk

There are many people who talks a lot. And I mean a lot! They simply keeps talking…and talking…

We need to use our brain properly. That’s why we have it for. So don’t jump to conclusions, analyse the situation properly and then, finally, say what you need to say.  If you need to be quiet, then be quiet. A wise man once said: ‘The wise keeps silence 9 times and the 10th time speaks, but only a little.’

4. Practice looking at things in a different way, and follow your passion

One year ago I have seen two movies called DEAD POETS SOCIETY and THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR. This is what I’ve learned:  I (and you) need to look beyond the things and see what else we can learn from our daily activities.

We need to practice living, be grateful for the journey. The destination doesn’t matter. What matters are the experiences that led us to that destination. Also, we must love what we do otherwise we won’t push our limits. So, look at things in a different way and always push your limits towards excellence. And do that through practice.

5. Seize the day

Live the moment and stop thinking about yesterday or about tomorrow. There are enough things to take care of today. Don’t live in the past and don’t live in the future. If you can keep concentrating on THIS moment right now, then you will understand what you’re reading now. Find your goal, break it into little steps and then concentrate on one step at a day.

6. Find the reason behind your problem, don’t look only at its effects

Why did you do bad at that exam or you failed presenting in front of people? Why there is such a situation at work? Why you don’t get well with your family/girlfriend/boyfriend?

Now dig deep into the problem: are there other causes to this problems? What can you do to solve it in such a way to be beneficial for you and for the people/things you love? Put yourself all kind of questions till you find out all the causes and you reach to the bottom of the problem. Only by identifying the reasons you can truly solve a problem.

7. SOMETIMES the only battle is between YOU and YOURSELF

If you struggle with things like: ‘I don’t like my job’, ‘I am not a good friend’, ‘I should have done better in THAT situation’, etc then the solution lies within yourself. You are the one that needs to change, to improve, to find the real self. Because if you don’t like your job it means you’re not following your passion, if your friends complained about your behaviour or they simply disappeared you might need to change your behaviour (only if the fault it’s yours) or if you could have done better it means you need to practice more and improve your skills.

8. Sometimes the battle is between you and the others 

Unfriend with people who stresses you, over-criticise you or are bad friends. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Get rid of things that don’t serve your purpose. Don’t like your job? Find another one. Don’t like cooking? Ask your partner to do that meanwhile you do something else.

These are all practical advices to every day situations. I will be posting more about how to improve your emotional intelligence or about positive thinking.

Post your opinions in the comments section and do most important thing:

Enjoy Your Life 🙂


8 Albert Einstein Quotes that you should learn by heart

Albert Einstein is a ‘simple’ person who put love and effort in the activities performed and we have a lot to learn from him.

Here I wrote some of my ideas about some of his quotes:

1. ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.’

You can learn during all your life; however, you have to imagine how to apply that knowledge (plan it) and then take action, otherwise you won’t actually learn (you won’t progress).

Tip: Plan your goals, imagine who you want to be, what you want to achieve and then start a step by step activity, chasing one goal at a time. Remember – imagine, apply and then practice and practice and practice.

2. ‘Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.’

People learn from their mistakes on a daily basis. If at the end of a day you didn’t make any mistakes and (attention!!) LEARN from them then you’ve waisted that day.

Tip: Experience, get out there in the world, try a new bus route, plant a tree, get in touch with old friends, attend events you wouldn’t normally attend, improve your skills, take public speaking classes, STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE – these are things you can learn from. There is no failure. It’s either a success or a learning process that will eventually lead to a success if it’s repeated.

3. ‘Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.’

What defines us as humans? Our heart! What gives us value? The activities we perform with love as a result of our heart activity. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing then it will be easy for you to gain value. And the planet as a whole will appreciate it.

Tip: LoVe people, LoVe what you’re doing, LoVe the EARTH and the outcome will be terrific.

4. ‘The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.’

In my opinion, 95% of creative ideas rises from other ideas combined together into one. The exceptions (5%) turn up as accidents/mistakes.

5. ‘Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.’

Surprisingly and historically, most of the new inventions or new ideas have encountered strong opposition from the people simply because it seemed out of this world or because they were too difficult for them to understand. That’s why even solutions to our world problems seems to be rejected if not explained properly and in simple worlds to the masses.

Tip: when presenting your idea/solution/invention try to keep it simple.

6. ‘Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.’

We cannot force anyone into following our own way of thinking. We can just explain in simple words – read the explanation of quote 5 as well.

7. ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.’

Translated – Don’t live in the past, seize the day, and plan for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop to develop yourself. Experience, question yourself, improve yourself by taking into consideration the past mistakes. And start doing something TODAY!

8. ‘Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them.’

With a little bit of practice we all can be either intellectuals or geniuses.

So, I’ll leave you with this question:

Are you an intellectual or a genius?

9. Bonus: xoxo